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S&W Metalworks

High-end knives and grinders from a team with over 30 years of knife-making and manufacturing experience.

100% Made in the USA

The grinder you've always wanted

The M1 grinder is the result of Jared Williams working with a variety of grinders over his 30 years of knife-making experience. Of the many grinders he worked with, none of them had every feature that he wanted--so Jared decided to make his own. He had a prototype and S&W Metalworks was formed to bring the grinder to fruition.

  • Fully-adjustable belt tension
  • Compatible with nearly every 1 1/2 inch square bar accessory
  • Multiple accessory ports
  • Optional drop leg to run belt lengths up to 2 x 132
  • Best grinder on the market
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One-of-a-kind Custom Knives

Jared Williams' style comes from over 30 years of custom knife-making experience. He's recognized as a Master Smith in the HEPK association and his Hunga Munga won him the championship on the hit TV show 'Forged in Fire'

He enjoys working with naturalistic materials like antler, leather, wood, and especially difficult materials that others tend to avoid.

To get your custom knife started, fill out the form at the link below and Jared will contact you directly to work out the details.

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